Why Quick Turnaround Time is Crucial for Photographers

Cody Hart eagerly awaits his turn to join the action as he watches the RBR Atlanta Classic in Atlanta, Georgia.

As a photographer, always preparing for the next assignment is essential. Turning around jobs quickly is a crucial part of this process. The faster you can process and deliver your images, the more opportunities you will have to take on new clients and projects. Here are some reasons why turning around jobs quickly is essential:

  1. It Frees You Up for Last-Minute Jobs

Last-minute jobs can often be the most exciting and lucrative opportunities. However, you may miss out on these opportunities if you are still working on a previous job. On the other hand, you can accept last-minute jobs and expand your portfolio by turning around quickly.

  1. It Shows Professionalism

Clients expect timely delivery of their images, and delivering quickly demonstrates your professionalism and reliability. In a competitive industry, a quick turnaround time can set you apart from other photographers and help you secure future jobs.

  1. It Keeps Your Workflow Smooth

When you turn around jobs quickly, you avoid a backlog of work. This allows you to maintain a smooth workflow and ensures that you can handle new jobs as they come in.

In addition to turning around jobs quickly, there are other ways always to be prepared for your next assignment. Here are some additional tips:

  1. Keep Your Passport Up-to-Date

A passport is essential for any photographer who wants to work internationally. By keeping your key up-to-date, you will be ready to take on any overseas assignments that come your way.

David & Tami Woods are packing and driving to BoBo from Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso, West Africa.
  1. Have a Go Bag

A go bag is a suitcase filled with all the essentials you need for a last-minute trip. This includes toiletries, clothing, and other necessities. Having a go bag ready, you can quickly pack and head out for your next assignment without worrying about forgetting anything important.

  1. Invest in Wickaway Clothing

Investing in wick-away clothing can be a game changer if you frequently travel for assignments. These clothes are easy to wash in a sink and dry quickly, so you can carry fewer outfits and wash them as needed. In addition, this saves your luggage space and ensures you always have clean clothes to wear.

In conclusion, turning around jobs quickly is essential to being a successful photographer. Delivering images promptly frees you up for new opportunities, shows professionalism, and maintains a smooth workflow. Additionally, keeping your passport up-to-date, having a go bag, and investing in wick-away clothing are ways always to be prepared for your next assignment.