Fixing the horizon using Adobe Lightroom

Do your horizons look like this? Mine do when I am shooting from a moving boat.  But look at this second photo here.

Does this look better to you?  I thought so. Can you believe it is the same photo?

I fixed it in Adobe Lightroom.

Here is how you do it in just a second or two.

While you are in the Develop Module click on the letter “R” and you will be taken to the crop mode.

Next just hold the “Command” key and you will see a level pop up.

Just place this to the left or right along the horizon and hold down the mouse key until you go to the far right putting a line across the horizon and let go. Now the software straightens the horizon.

You can also go vertical and get the same results.

I had a lot of photos of a lighthouse near Tybee Island to correct today. This made it so easy and quick to fix the photos.

By the way the reason I was out photographing a lighthouse from a boat was to see the Dolphins and we did.