Fixing the horizon using Adobe Lightroom

Do your horizons look like this? Mine do when I am shooting from a moving boat. But look at this second photo here.

Does this look better to you? I thought so. Can you believe it is the same photo?

I fixed it in Adobe Lightroom.

Here is how you do it in just a second or two.

While in the Develop Module, click on the letter “R” for the crop mode.

Next, hold the “Command” key, and you will see a level pop-up.

Just place this to the left or right along the horizon and hold down the mouse key until you go to the far right putting a line across the horizon, and let go. Now the software straightens the horizon.

You can also go vertical and get the same results.

I had a lot of photos of a lighthouse near Tybee Island to correct today. The tool made it so easy and quick to fix the images.

By the way, I was out photographing a lighthouse from a boat to see the Dolphins, and we did.