Commercial Real Estate Drone Work

Drone photography allows real estate agents to showcase the entire property and all its exterior selling features in a single shot that receives that coveted 12 seconds of focus. What used to take several photos, which research shows most buyers won’t bother scrolling through, drones can capture in a single shot.

The photo above is a composite. I was limited to 400 feet straight above didn’t work so well, so I shot two shots and stitched them together.

In commercial real estate sales, the customer often buys the property without seeing it in person. Instead, they may be an investor from out of town and rely on drawings and photos to understand what they are purchasing.

The agent often wants to pitch the surroundings as value added for a particular plot of land.

When asked to get those aerial photos, I know I am getting pictures looking North, South, East, and West. I also know to get these from around 400 feet and then some at lower altitudes of 200 feet and even lower.

Detail shots in drone work for real estate capture specifics like buildings up close and access roads around the property.

I prefer stills to videos for a straightforward reason–they capture the property quickly for the audience.

Videos are fantastic if the customer wants to take the time to watch them, but they appreciate the still photos to give them a quick overview.

Here are some aerial photos I did today for a commercial real estate client. Which photos would you use as your primary photo if you were limited to just one photo?