Nikon Z9 using Shooting Menu Bank to go from Weddings to Football

My shutter speed settings for shooting sports are 1/4000 versus for weddings, 1/125, or 1/250.

For sports, my release mode is 20 fps versus for weddings, single frame.

Both of those settings affect my ISO. I use auto ISO for weddings and sports but mainly change the shutter speed.

If auto ISO sensitivity control is enabled, ISO sensitivity will automatically be adjusted for optimal exposure at the selected shutter speed and aperture. In addition, you can choose an upper limit for auto ISO sensitivity control to prevent ISO sensitivity from being raised too high.


Use the Shooting Menu Bank to save the settings you use for sports in one of the four presets you can even rename. Here are my four banks:

  1. Normal
  2. Sports
  3. Strobes
  4. Fluorescent