Looking for employees: Rethink who is your customer

Are you in crisis mode when it comes to finding employees?  

I have a tip, communicate to your potential employees like you have been doing with your customers.

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 “Don’t start a business. Find a problem, Solve a problem, The business comes second.” 

– Robert Herjavec, Shark Tank

No matter the business, you are solving a problem for someone. You need to be sure the client understands everything that needs to take place for your solution to be a success.    

Today you are competing for not just customers, but for employees.  

You are going to use the same process to market your business to customers, but now for finding those employees.  

No longer are the days that you can just say I have a job opening and people are lining up for you to pick someone. 

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Just like you created a product that solves a problem, you need to now address the problems that workers have with the workplace. 

Now you might just be solving every one of those problems. You have great benefits, your employees like you as a boss and your business is one that makes a difference in the community, but no one is applying.

Little boy listens to family before taking part in the Dummy Roping competition at the 2020 Pana’Ewa Stampede Rodeo, in Hilo, Hawaii.

Most places have the same problem with the marketing of their business and finding employees. 

Show & Tell 

People have a short attention span. We know that infomercials work. The purpose of infomercials is to prompt the viewer to call a toll-free number or visit a website to make a purchase. An advantage of infomercials for companies is an increased amount of time to showcase a product, demonstrate how it works, and present a persuasive call to action. 

Applying the “Problem – Agitate – Solve” principle is a useful tool for a great effect on your business. Digging into the consumers’ common problems gives you the chance to empathize, to connect with them, to give solutions to their problems and to make them feel better. Of course, they won’t care on buying your product if it is not helpful to them. 

Having infomercials for your products/services is a great way of showing how it works. Describing how it is effective is always helpful, but people are visual. Viewers love seeing things in action. It would give bonus points to compare how you’re better than the other competitors in a respectful manner.

I think great photo of employee and short text telling their story works great in social media. 

Also, short videos work as well. Tips for recruiting

  • Target your audience, where do they congregate?
  • Use testimonies of current employees
  • Communicate how people can grow with your company
  • Talk about how your company impacts the community ~ people are looking for a sense of purpose

 Call me and let’s put together a campaign to recruit employees.