Food As Cross-Cultural Experience

Food is an essential context for global and cross-cultural understanding. It is both highly international, as it is consumed worldwide, yet highly local, as there are significant variations in food across countries and cultures. 

One of the best experiences when traveling is the ability to taste food from different parts of the world.

All Americans are fascinated by the cook here in El Aguila, Mexico.

Leisurely Meals Build Trust

In my family, I have the record for the most extended birthday meal. My family lived in Eastern North Carolina, and my parents had heard about Fondue. Since five of us put pieces of meat into the oil at one time, it took forever to cook. Fondue invites you to enjoy more than a meal. It invites conversation, laughter, and coming together over artisan cheeses, fresh salads, savory entrees, and indulgent desserts.

You will have to slow down if you are used to grabbing a quick bite to eat and continuing your work day.

A grocery store owner in Herăști, Giurgiu, Romania, is showing some of the products she carries for sale.

Eating is a social act, even more so: a social event central to family and public life. Meals are the foundation of socialization, in the twofold meaning of the word: the place to learn the rules of living together and the place for social interaction, sharing, and friendly exchange.

When I travel, I try to take pictures of my food because this is one of the things that is an experience worth sharing with others. When I was on staff with an organization, the photo library staff told me to take pictures of the food because many children’s magazines loved to show children what other children around the world ate for their meals.

I asked to see her cooking for lunch that day in Nicaragua. I love seeing how people cook around the world. But, as always, the conversation became even better once in the kitchen.

Dining Is A Collective Experience

For me, the best meals I have enjoyed are when I have been in the kitchen while there are cooking the meal. I get to know the people and see how they make the meal. But the best part is the food makes the experience more enriching for me.

All the photos are more of Grab Shots around the world. These are not studio food shots, just what others served me in many countries.

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