Some Of My Favorite Sports Images

I enjoyed watching the documentary with Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney on Welcome to Wrexham soccer club in Wales.

Ryan Reynolds talks about how the story is what captivates him. It isn’t just the story of the soccer team, but the town.

It is so awesome when you are a part of the sports community. You see this from playing sports as a young kid, and you are playing with your friends, and your parents and friends show up to watch you play. Everyone who is there is part of the story.

Here are some of my favorite sports photos through the years

Author: Stanley Leary/WireImage
Aperture: 3
Camera: NIKON D100
Caption: Vince Stanton attempts Troublemaker during the 2004 RBR Atlanta Classic at the Georgia Dome February 7, 2004.
Iso: 1600
Copyright: Stanley Leary
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I noticed when I went to college that the level of play went up, and I was still part of the story in the stands. I was in class with some of these athletes and knew them off the field/court.

The docuseries teaches me that the collective story of everyone watching is powerful.

The draw of sports is more than just the game. One of the fans of Wrexham said this is the only time that 4,000+ in their community get together in one place and do something together.

The exciting thing with sports is that at the end of the game, it is either a comedy or a tragedy for your team. The good news is that there is always another game and a time for redemption if that is necessary.

The other great thing about sports is that you are part of the communities story. You get to live this out with others. How exciting.