Creating Website Part 2

I highly recommend that you register a domain name and use this with your website, but also for your email.

I don’t get paid for recommending Godaddy, but this is what I use.

They recently have changed their Logo, so I just showed you some that you may have seen through the years.

I use my name as my URL. If I wanted to create something that I would later like to sell as a company, then I might have come up with another name. However, if you go that route then you will need to register your business name with your state.

Once you have your domain name think of it like a P. O. Box. You tell people to send things to it and to reach you to go there. The cool thing is you can keep this URL/POBox no matter where you live. You can later move to Europe and keep your same domain name.

If you get this with Godaddy an email service can be used as well with it. You can pay them for their Microsoft Office 365.

Since you will now have your domain name you can keep your email address as I have through the years and change providers. I started with CompuServe and have use just about everything you can think of, but all the time all my clients and potential customers had the same email.

If you have gmail for example you can keep your gmail email and mask it with your domain name email. If you use Godaddy to setup your domain name and have gmail then here are those instructions.

Now you know how to create a domain name and how you can also use that domain name for your emails.

This will help you now as you start to organize your content for those customers whose problems you are solving or making their dreams to come true.