Rechargeable Batteries and Organization for the Photographer

I travel with these two chargers and batteries. I have a good number of the Energizer rechargeable AA and AAA batteries as well as the Eneloop, which I prefer. Here are some tips to keep you energized.


I recommend using these Eneloop batteries. There maybe a better battery, but I am just recommending what I use all the time a prefer.

eneloop XX batteries are the perfect choice for powering photo strobe flash lights; providing more than twice the number of flashes per recharge in less than half the time compared to conventional alkaline batteries!


Always store batteries with the positive and negative terminals away from each other. If batteries are stored with positive and negative terminals touching, they may begin conducting electricity idly, which will discharge them. Storing batteries in their original package will help you prevent this. You can also buy battery storage boxes from specialty storage retailers that will eliminate this potential problem.

I use the PowerPax battery holders for keeping up with my batteries and keeping the terminals from touching one another or other items in my bag.

Here is a quick video for you about their product:

Here is one caddy that will carry a complete assortment for most photographers:

A9 Pack | Battery Case $6.95

Holds: 8 – AA’s, 4 – AAA’s and 1 – 9V battery.
Originally designed for pilots, but also great for camping, boating, travel or at home.
Dispenses batteries with one hand for safety and convenience.
Terminal protection at both ends regardless of how the battery is inserted.
Store your batteries in a compact, easy to find caddy.