Importance of Model Release for the photographer

Why do I need a model release?

Whoever publishes a photo is the one who needs the model release. Photographers get model releases as a general rule to help out their clients.

Having a model release increases the value of a photograph, because now it can be used in more ways than without one.

What release should I use?

Here are a few ways I recommend.Easy Release App   For my iPad and Android phone I have an App for getting releases.  If you download an App the App store then will recommend more Apps for you based on what you have already downloaded.  I got a recommendation for the Easy Release.   You don’t need an iPad for this App.  You can put it on just about any Smart Phone or Tablet as long as they are Android or an iPhone/iPad.   The App generates a PDF and a JPEG of the model release.  I love this because then I can put many of these PDFs into one larger PDF and upload this to my PhotoShelter Image Database.  The client has a copy now of the model releases along side the photos.

Pocket Release  

I personally have been using the pocket release, which I modified from the American Society of Media Photographers.  Their legal counsel came up with forms and so many photographers have been using them through the years. Click here for a link to their website which gives you all you need to know about the model and property release.    

4 – Up Pocket Release Forms

I put 4 of the pocket release forms on a page and print them one 8.5″ x 11″ card stock and have them cut into smaller sheets.   Which language should I use?