2 bags I don’t leave home without

ThinkTank Urban Disguise 60 V2.0 is the main bag I use everyday.

When I travel I use the ThinkTank bags to help protect my gear and carry all my camera and computer gear.

I use the ThinkTank Urban Disguise 60 everyday.  I always carry my Apple Macbook Pro and iPad with me.  I enjoy the fast response of the iPad to just see content and prefer to do work on my Macbook pro.

I always have a camera with me but it isn’t the Nikon D3S I am carrying all the time.  I prefer to carry my Nikon P7000 because it is light and pretty versatile if I just want a photo of something I came upon.

When I travel with my pro cameras and am flying I use the ThinkTank Airport Security™ V 2.0.  It is quite common to be stuck on a small plane and have to check my cameras at the door of the plane.  I have had good results with nothing ever breaking when flying with the roller bag.

ThinkTank Airport Security V2.0

I think it is important to carry what you need to a job and I find that I need a lot more than just a camera.  I need backup gear so I need two of almost everything.  That becomes a lot of gear.

In this example you can see 2 cameras, four flashes and numerous lenses and other gear.  I too carry a lot and need not only to be able to carry the gear, but work out of the bag once on location.  I find I can easily get what I need without having to empty the bag to find that piece of gear I am reaching for.

I recommend these two bags in tandem to get your gear on airplanes and to your location to shoot for your client.