A little modification to an older project


“Is there any any any chance you can take out – remove the 1 slide at the very beginning that the slide show starts with that says… petting farm….- am just trying to remove petting farm any where i can find it on the website.”

I was thrilled to see something I did a few years ago can be modified and help my friend’s business. She just wanted to change the focus of her business.

Many businesses will add new things and drop other things and the cool thing with that slide show that I produced I just had to make one modification.

It wasn’t too difficult to make the change due to the format.  Had I shot this all in video I could still make the change, but the time would have been a lot more.

Have you visited your website lately?  Should you change your focus for your business?

I recommend looking every once and a while at what you offer and what you could offer.  Sometimes the best thing you can do for your business is to stop doing some things. Some of those things may look like they are keeping you in business, but they could be consuming the time you could put into something more profitable.

Some photos are more timeless than others.  Look through your website, blog and other materials and see do the people in the photos look like how people dress and style their hair today?  If not you may need to create some new content.

One of my new clients is putting a new photo every day of the year up on their website.  It doesn’t rotate.  Guess what?  They now have increased their traffic to the website.  People don’t want to miss the photo since if they skip a day they miss out on some content.

By the way if you want to have fun at my friends farm then go here for information http://www.theartbarn.com/.