YWAM School of Photography: Rembrandt Lighting Assignment

I gave the class an assignment on making a Rembrandt light portrait using just one light with a 10º or 20º spot grid.

Most everyone in the class has never even turned on a studio strobe before.

Here is the assignment:

Rembrandt portrait using one grid light


Please get the best possible expression.  You need to see a triangle on their cheek.  Be sure the triangle includes lighting their eye.

Monobloc with 10 or 20 degree grid
You may use any power setting you choose.  Be sure skin tone is properly exposed and correct white balance.

Choose the lowest ISO setting for your camera.  Use a portrait lens 85mm – 100mm or if you don’t have full frame then 50mm will be OK.

You may use a black background as well.  No other lights to be used in this assignment.

Here are some of the students results:

Photo by: Lauren R. Tercero
Photo by: Deborah Mataia
Photo by: Francisco Leon V.
Photo by: Katie Suderman
Photo by: Sarah L. Quinones
Photo by: Hastings Franks
Photo by: Annett Rek