How I am marketing our Tibet Workshop

How do you break through all the information bombarding folks today? Maybe a little old school can work.

Front of 4×6 Postcard
Back of 4×6 Postcard

I have used postcards for promotion for years.  When I started I just had 1 photo on the cover and just my return address on the back. 

Today I put photos on the back.  This started because my friend Tony Messano, creative director, pointed out that everyone has at least one good photo. By putting more photos on the back helps communicate you are not just a one shot wonder.

Just the other day I was on Facebook and saw this cartoon being shared over and over.

I think if you were like me you were laughing.

I have found that for a while email blasts were more effective until they became viewed as spam.  Now the difference is that the email is being intercepted more and more by filters.  This is for legitimate correspondence.

I am finding you need to find some resources to help you with your marketing.

Meet my friend Pete Casabonne, manager of has been my go to guy for film processing, prints, books and other things that I need to turn my photos into for my clients.

Pete’s new startup is a very nimble operation. He has a printer that takes the days orders and prints most everything from 4×6 prints to 20 x 30 prints.  In the older style labs you had to convert a machine to do each size.  The only thing they do that requires them to stop and make adjustments is to change the type of paper.

PPRPix does much more than prints.  I just tested today having them handle my postcards.  There specialty is helping the person who has small runs.  They set this up with 4×6 postcards for example at $14.16 for 24 printed 4 color on front and back of the post card.

Once you get into large runs of 5,000 or more postcards the prices start to standardize in the industry, but it is the short runs that have been out of the reach of many.

Carlton Williams cuts the postcards to size using a computer automated machine. 

What is important for marketing is not to do just one thing, but to approach potential customers in many different ways. 

This was exciting for me because this was the first time I had ever since a press run on my postcards.

I am working with Pete just like I have always done.  Pete is someone that tells me of new products and price points that make them very appealing.  Then I not only think of how to use these to promote my business, but I also bring my clients to to help them promote using my work for their business.

We have done large prints for many years for clients to put up in their buildings.  Pete introduced me to self book publishing. Now Pete showed me today an very cool new book design. 

I think I am going to work with Pete on the book in the next month and then blog more about that process later.

What you need to do as far as marketing

You need to have many different ways to present your work.  Here are some I recommend:

  • Large Prints (give your present clients large prints to hang on their walls)
  • Self Published Books. You can have multiple books published for very little because you only need a few to show people.  
  • Postcards
  • email Newsletters
  • Blogging
  • Phone Calls
  • Networking events