Great communication products leave you hanging

“Mommy, why is the sky blue?” is one of the many questions we start out asking our parents.  
It is when we are about two we ask a lot of why questions. It really helped us get our bearings and understanding of how the world works.
A few years ago while studying theology in seminary I heard more questions coming from everywhere for the professors.  Surprisingly the response to these questions was met by questions.
Over time I started to see that the more you knew about a topic really meant you knew how to ask a better question, rather than you having all the answers.
When you hire a creative to produce something for you, the best creative will ask many questions.  One of the core questions should be why are you wanting this product?  What do you want to accomplish?
If your creative isn’t asking these questions I am pretty sure you are getting mediocre work at best.  What I do know is you are not accomplishing your goals most likely.  How do I know, well if the creative doesn’t know the answers to these questions then how can they meet the objectives.  Even if you outlined everything perfect for them, the creative will often ask questions even more targeted and helping you refine the product.
I believe the best question asked is the one we all started asking and never gets old—Why?
I believe the question why is the question of the heart and the answer to this is the motivating factor for an audience.
Funny thing about great photos is they ask questions.  Yes the best photos have your audience asking questions.  Who is that person?  The photo was strong enough to make you want to know. 
Where is this place? This is what a successful travel photo will do because your audience will want to go there if it is successful.
Great communicator understands that the key to great communications is questions.  Answers seldom demand a response from your audience, but a question does require response.