Fujifilm X-E2 testing the 18-55mm and 55-200mm with Test Chart

I bought the Large High Resolution Test Chart for Camera Lens off of ebay for $27. Here is a link if you choose to do something similar.

This is the setup where I had two soft boxes at 45º.  I did a custom white balance using the ExpoDisc.

Put the chart on a music stand and then moved the camera back as I zoomed in.

All the photos are shot at ƒ/8, 1/180 @ ISO 200. I used a tripod as well to be very sure I didn’t introduce any camera shake into the photos.

Below each photo there is a link that you can download the high resolution JPEG as it was captured by the camera. The color Space is ADOBE RGB and I chose the standard color setting, which is comparable to the Provia color space.

Fuji 55-200mm @ 55mm [High Resolution]


Fuji 55-200mm @ 135mm [High Resolution]


Fuji 55-200mm @ 200mm [High Resolution]


Fuji 18-55mm @ 18mm [High Resolution]


Fuji 18-55mm @ 23mm [High Resolution]


Fuji 18-55mm @ 35mm [High Resolution]


Fuji 18-55mm @ 55mm [High Resolution]

My conclusion is that both of the lenses are really sharp. Now this is at ƒ/8 and later I will test the lens at all the apertures, but this is just to give you a glimpse into how nice the lens performs.