“Photos Keep the Memories Alive”

Just some photos from this past weekend capturing the moments of Nelson Lalli, my step-son, graduating from the Citadel.


“Photos keep the memories alive,” is what I heard one of the Citadel seniors during graduation. My son’s friends came up to me over and over this weekend thanking me for the past four years of taking pictures of them at the Citadel and sharing them with them.

Parents came up and told me often they couldn’t be at an event and really appreciated the photos we would post for them to see.

What I had reaffirmed this past weekend is that photos help make emotional connections and keep them alive.

My son was ambivalent about graduating. He was thankful he had accomplished his goal and done so with honors in so many ways. He was sad that next fall he will not be joining his friends for another year at the Citadel.  I hope that as the years go by the photos I made will help him remember and stay connected to his friends from school.

Nelson, my son, and his graduating senior friends from Bravo Company
John Ogle and Nelson Lalli goofing around like close friends do.