Packing Solution for Checking Laptop & Cameras on International Flight


Thousands of flights and hundreds of thousands of passengers will be affected every day if the United States extends its so-called laptop ban to all international flights. For now, electronic devices larger than a cellphone are banned from the cabin on flights bound for the United States from 10 airports in the Middle East and Africa.


Traveling internationally has a big “IF” hanging over you when you travel with a laptop and other electronics as most photographers do.

I needed a bag that if/when they decide the laptop and cameras must be checked into the cargo hold that the gear is as safe as I can make it. I just bought the new ThinkTank StreetWalker Rolling Backpack v2.0.

STREETWALKER® ROLLING BACKPACK V2.0 on the left and the Airport Security V2 on the right.

While this is smaller than my Airport Security V2 I can put the laptop on the inside of the zipper and lock it with a TSA lock. This will make it a little more secure and protected than with the TakeOff that I also own.

The front flap on the Takeoff is designed for laptop, but not much padding or way to lock it.

My gear inside the StreetWalker Roller

I have been playing with what camera gear I will take with the laptop. I can put my extra batteries and cords in my ThinkTank Urban Approach 15 which is designed for smaller DSLR or mirrorless cameras.

Now if I can keep the laptop with me then it will stay in the Urban Approach 15.

I will be prepared now on the international flight to hand over my gear including my laptop if the rules change at any time. I just cannot afford to be sitting at the gate and discovered the rules had just changed that day.

STREETWALKER® ROLLING BACKPACK V2.0 Side pockets look like a great fit for water bottles.

Here is another configuration from the ThinkTank website with Nikon Gear.