Good Work Habits Lead to More Work

Instilling Good Habits

There are two good reasons as to why it’s important to instill the habit of making the bed every morning. First, it really does feel good to know we’ve made our bed for the day. While it’s a small task to consider, it makes a whole lot of difference when it comes to getting things done. Considering it’s the first thing that should be done in the morning, it can really give a good sense of accomplishment. That’s the same feeling I want my kids to experience. If they experience it at a very young age, they can actually develop the habit of getting things done.

Cleanliness is the second reason as to why it’s important to instill the habit of making the bed in the morning. The bedroom really looks a lot cleaner. It boils down to responsibility of taking care of yourself.

Pam Goldsmith, world renowned violist who has played on movies like Avatar to Michael Jackson’s Thriller Album is teaching Chelle in her home studio space. [Nikon D4, 14-24mm, ISO 2000, ƒ/9, 1/60]

Work Habits

Where you work be sure you are neat, tidy and clean. Make sure your desk or workstation is neat, clean and pleasant. Clear perishable rubbish immediately and wash your mug at the end of the workday. The same attitude applies to the general office area and restrooms — use them considerately for others to enjoy as well.

Employees wait to be told what to do—entrepreneurs think strategically about what needs to be done, and then they do it. Employees do their own job well—entrepreneurs are committed to the team doing well—so they mentor other employees, pitch in when they’re needed, and go that extra mile if it means the works going to be done better.

This little shepherd boy is part of the Fulani tribe which is known for being herdsmen and is working in the village of Soubakamedougou, Burkina Faso. The Marlboro company gives hats to the young cowboys to promote their product in Burkina Faso. [Nikon D2X, Sigma 18-125mm, ISO 100, ƒ/5.6, 1/90]

Work for yourself

Successful freelancers/entrepreneurs are those who every day are not just making their beds and leaving things neat and tidy for others, but they have personal projects. I call these passion projects.

A passion project is something you work on (often outside of your chosen career path) that gives you satisfaction, happiness and puts you into a state of flow. It’s what you do to escape it all. Its your contribution to the world.

Be sure that you Focus on Results, Not Just Activities. It isn’t about the to-dos you’ve knocked off your list—it is about the quantitative results of your work.

For me going and helping missionaries and NGO’s around the world is my passion. I help them tell their stories better than they can alone. I come along side people and capture their passion project.

My focus on doing these projects isn’t about traveling and meeting people in different places of the world. My passion is helping someone talk about their passion for a people group and place in the world that they want to help improve.

When I am done I want to hear that because of the work I have done by capturing photos, videos and audio of their work that their supporters are giving more and their number of supporters is going up. Sometimes I hear my work helped local indigenous people understand their work much better and they actually are better connected locally.

Passion Project – My Blog

One of the passion projects I have is this blog, which grew out of my other passion of teaching.

Nikon D5, Sigma 24-105mm, ISO 20000, ƒ/8, 1/100

I realized that many I was teaching were not taking good notes and my goal was for them to succeed. I started early by posting some of my teaching assignments with examples in blogs.

Know How to Pitch Ideas (the Right Way)

Once you have been doing things for yourself and you see how this has improved your life it is much easier to then pitch an idea for someone else. However if you lack good work habits for yourself, what do you have to offer to someone else?

Smart people are full of ideas—but brilliant people also have the ability to sell those ideas to everyone else, sharing not only why the idea is a great one, but how it will impact the team and business.

Don’t worry about perfection. Put your energy into taking action. You should fail every now and then. It is important to try new things, being willing to learn and grow, and constantly striving to get to the next level, even if you make a mistake or two along the way.

Successful people know exactly what they need to get their work done—and they’re not afraid to make it happen.

Questions for thought

– Did you make your bed today?
– Do you have a personal ongoing project?
– Do you have something on your calendar to do for your personal project?
– When was your last failure and what did you learn from it?
– When was your last pitch to someone for an idea?
– What is your next idea pitch?