Photography’s Business Tripod

Gitzo GT-0531 Mountaineer 6X Carbon Fiber tripod

There are three aspects to a photography business that if you do not attend to will result in a unsteady and fallen business. I have listed the three areas here with just some examples.

Quality Control – This is the core product of your business. Everything it takes to deliver the product to them is in quality control.

  • You must have a product that you deliver consistently that meets a high standard.
  • Your paper work needs to be in order. Your accounting needs to be also of high caliber.
  • You basic interaction with customers and clients needs to be professional.

2nd Mile Service – This is the little extra things you do to help out your client. It is not necessary, but you do this to just make things better.

  • You need to do little things like sending hand written thank you notes to customers after doing a job.
  • This is where you over deliver in some way. 
  • You can improve your presentation. Maybe you decide to spend a little more on the packaging of your product or deliver it earlier than promised.

Emotional Connections – You are connecting beyond your product to the person.

  •  Maybe you have a client that is going through a tough time and while they are buying a certain product you decide to give them the upgrade. Instead of the 8×10 you upgrade them to a 16×20 or just give them the 16×20.
  • Maybe a client has a nonprofit that they support and you decide to give a gift to the nonprofit in their name.
  • You take time to recognize them on their birthday in some way.

You need all three to become and remain successful. Doing all three all the time will separate you from your competition. If you are not doing all three, then you are slowly going out of business.