Welcome Home for Local Hero James Hogue

Last night my neighborhood, along with those from the surrounding community, welcomed home U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer James Hogue after serving in after serving two years in Afghanistan.

This is one of the few events happening around America where in the crowd are truly a mix of this country. I was seeing those from the left and right of politics and a blend of faiths all welcoming a soldier who was defending our rights to disagree and for this reason we all were gathering in agreement that this hero needing a warm welcome home.

While the pictures cannot reveal the differences politically they do show the common joy of appreciation for Hogue’s service to our community and country.

Welcome sign donated by Sign-a-rama

Hogue returns to his home in my neighborhood with a police escort and The Sons of Liberty.
Dorie Griggs, my wife thanks James Hogue for his service.

State Sen. John Albers was on hand to present Hogue with a proclamation.

Sons of Liberty Ridersgave presentation to Hogue and his wife as well as a gift certificate for dinner.

More than 100 folks turned out to welcome Hogue home.  Many had never met him before the event.

Sons of Liberty Rider, officials and Hogue with his daughter

One of the boy scouts was so excited to meet Hogue and find out he was a former boy scout. The scout is reciting the scouts pledge to Hogue.

Probably no one is more grateful for Hogue’s safe return home than his daughter.

June 8th our son Nelson will report to Fort Benning to start his journey of service as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army.  I am thankful that our community supports our troops and am proud to have him make this sacrifice for our nation.