Reflecting on Pinch-Me Moments: My Journey with Faith And The City

As I reflect on my journey, I’m grateful for the many pinch-me moments that have peppered my career. But amidst the tapestry of experiences, one standout chapter continues to shimmer in my memory: my time working with Faith And The City.

It’s funny how life’s intricate connections often lead us down unexpected paths. In this case, my wife, Dorie Griggs, catalyzed this incredible opportunity. As the communications manager for Faith And The City, her unwavering support and belief in my abilities opened the door for me to lend my talents to this esteemed organization.

Faith And The City is unique in the heart of Atlanta’s vibrant community. Comprised of the executive leadership from renowned theological institutions such as Candler School of Theology, Columbia Theological Seminary, and the Interdenominational Theological Center, alongside esteemed figures like Ambassador James T. Laney and Ambassador Andrew Young, this organization stands as a beacon of unity and moral leadership.

From the moment I stepped into the fold, I knew I was part of something remarkable—my role as a contractor involved managing their website and capturing the essence of their mission through photography. Beyond the technical tasks, however, there is a more profound significance – the opportunity to contribute to a cause greater than myself.

One of the most enriching aspects of my tenure with Faith And The City was the chance to interact with influential leaders and thinkers, including Ambassadors Young and Laney. These encounters broadened my perspective and imbued me with a sense of purpose – knowing that my work played a small part in fostering meaningful dialogue and collaboration within our community.

Through my camera lens, I had the privilege of documenting moments of connection, understanding, and shared humanity. Whether capturing the vibrant tapestry of faiths represented in Atlanta or immortalizing the spirited discussions at interfaith dialogues, each photograph became a testament to the power of unity amidst diversity.

But perhaps the most profound impact of my time with Faith And The City was the relationships forged along the way. Interacting with individuals from diverse backgrounds and beliefs expanded my professional network and enriched my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined. These friendships transcended barriers of faith and race, reminding me of the inherent beauty in our shared humanity.

As I reminisce on those years, I’m reminded of the transformative power of storytelling. Through my lens, I was privileged to capture the untold narratives that bind us as a community. And though my journey with Faith And The City may have ended, its legacy continues to reverberate within me, constantly reminding us of the profound impact we can have when we come together in pursuit of a common good.

They were so kind as to promote a time I spoke at Reinhardt College in a press release here.

Below, I’ve curated a selection of photographs from my time with Faith And The City – snapshots that document moments in time and serve as a testament to the enduring spirit of unity and cooperation that defines our community.

As I look ahead to the future, I carry the lessons learned and the memories cherished from my time with Faith And The City. And though the road ahead may be uncertain, I take solace in the knowledge that the bonds forged and the stories told will continue to guide me on my journey, one frame at a time.