Using Old Photos For Today’s Headlines

Can your organization find old photos to help tell the stories of how they dealt with past challenges?

This morning some of my friends were sharing the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services has been sharing old photos to help remind people how vaccinations through history helped to wipe out diseases that were taking lives.

Here is a link to their facebook page.

Today people can miss your outgoing communications. That is why it is important to have a campaign on important communications. For those who don’t miss your communications, they would stop following your content if it was the same thing just reposted. 

Your communication also can be mixed up with some other content. This helps with the entertainment factor of a good communications channel. Here the team just shared an old photo from the archives and the story with it.

What visual storytelling content are you sharing on your communication channels today? 

Here is a photo from Georgia Tech in 1918 where the fans are masked up.

Tips for sharing old photos

  1. Create a Digital Asset Management online catalog
  2. Create assignments to capture what happens in your organization for historical purposes in addition to your current coverages.
  3. Embed all your photos with:
    1. Captions
    2. Keywords
    3. Location 
    4. Copyright information