Your Choice: Good Maintenance or Costly Repair

Keeping up with the regular maintenance schedule can help by preventing costly repairs of the cooling system, transmission system, drivetrain and other components. Preventive car care reduces wear and tear of the engine and other components that extend the life of your vehicle.

If we similarly ran our communication for organizations the same, we would be using bottom-up thinking. A bottom-up approach is the piecing together of systems to give rise to more complex systems as in a communications plan. It involves getting the front line worker into the strategy meeting.

You are going to the mechanic to help you get the most out of the vehicle. Isn’t this what you want with your organization.

Before implementing your strategy or project, get those who are actually going to do the work to help guide you.

At Georgia Tech Matt Eason and Dr. Caryn Riley prepare the new smaller engine for the ECE Future Truck. Christopher Biggers is working on the truck making final adjustments.

Which Mechanic?

In my area if you ask around as to what shop to take your car to when you need a repair is Roswell Auto Center. When you Google for reviews you see things like, “Carl and Robert have always taken care of our family’s cars and we completely trust them.” I also saw things like, “… have integrity which means a lot.”

You don’t look for experts who are young, cool and the shop has a great coffee station.

Innovation session on The Power of Play

Great Communication for Organizations

Many organizations today are thinking the youngest people are more in touch and therefore know how to communicate to their own age group. If this were really true today’s youth wouldn’t be suffering from as much anxiety.

There is a HUGE difference between being a CONSUMER of communication and a PRODUCER of communication.

Clients benefit in several ways when they include me as part of their creative team. Not only will the project go smother and faster, but more importantly, the end product will be just as you want them to be and your budget will go further.

IT Team Meeting

The sooner the producer of content is involved in the planning and preparation the better.

Recently I had a client with a super difficult product to technically capture. The largest difficulty in the process is getting the client to trust me.

No photo description available.
I took this photo July 27, 2019. Today I have over 273552 miles on my 2007 Sienna Van

When I took my van to the dealership a year ago, the service manager was telling me I needed all this work done to my engine. $4,000+ estimate. Due to a few earlier incidents of them always trying to upsell me, I took that estimate to Roswell Auto Center. They just laughed at the estimate. They said it would be cheaper and better to just replace the engine. Since I wasn’t having trouble and that was a recommendation, I just drove it.

Then just recently I had oil puddle in my garage under my van. I took it to Roswell Auto Center. I was prepared to hear about the engine needing replacement. I got a call and I needed a seal replaced. The guys in the shop also said this was in excellent condition.

It isn’t about getting an estimate as you can see. You need someone with the reputation and wisdom to speak into your project.

Admin Team Meeting

For a Photography Project

During the planning session we discuss the feelings the photos need to invoke in the viewer. By working together from the beginning we are both better able to achieve our objective. Preplanning allows everyone to concentrate on the fine details when it truly counts – on the day of shoot.

During the actual shoot priorities can change. Certain shots emerge, as “must have” pictures, while others may become less essential than initially thought. Going for the best shots and dropping or limiting the others can stretch the budget yet still produce outstanding images.

Here is an example of stretching a photo budget. When working with universities and schools it is more expedient, since most general classrooms look alike, to set-up in only one classroom. The faculty and students rotate through the classroom where all the lights have been placed and the exposure and white balance determined. There is no need to move from building to building. This saves time and money.

As you consider your photo needs consider adding me to your creative team, that decision will save time and money and ensure a more productive and creative photo shoot.

I’m here to help, just give me a call.