Friction Free

The Stanley Works was founded by Frederick T. Stanley in 1843, originally a bolt and door hardware manufacturing company located in New Britain, Connecticut.

One of the most innovative things they did with their door hinges that helped them to outgrow their competition was to include screws in their packaging.

Clerks were taking time to find screws to fit competitors hinges.

Friction Free Economy

To succeed in the friction-free economy, long-established companies must form entirely new and more fluid relationships with customers, workers, and owners. Those that don’t will either struggle to maintain market share, or fail entirely.

It is the intangible assets that businesses need to understand, measure and exploit in order to succeed. These include intellectual property, brand value, human capital and customer loyalty.

Friction Free Resource

You want to be a Friction Free Resource for your clients. You want to not just solve their problems but do so in a way that the experience is not a bumpy road, but smooth.

Just like Stanley did in the 1850’s by just packaging screws with their hinges making it easier to go to the hardware store and leave in little time, you must think of ways to help your clients make things smooth.

What do you offer your clients that is like Stanley who packaged screws for his clients?