“How do you describe PhotoShelter to others?”

Nikon D750, Sigma 24-105mm f/4 DG OS HSM Art Lens, ISO 12800, ƒ/4, 1/400 [by David White]

“How do you describe PhotoShelter to others?” was the question I was asked while speaking to those who work at PhotoShelter’s offices in NYC.

PhotoShelter is a delivery system for photographers to deliver images to clients and for those searching for images to find the photographers images.

That is my response for that question. I realized this past week that when I had to ship a strobe in to be repaired that when I logged into my FedEx account it had been a really LONG time since I had used it.

I was used to weekly shipping with FedEx CDs and DVDs to clients. It has been a few years since I have delivered images to clients using FedEx. I now put those images up online using PhotoShelter.

Here are some of the things I use PhotoShelter to do for me:

  • Showcase my portfolio
  • Contact information to reach me for assignments
  • Deliver photos by way of a secure gallery accessed;
    • Password – Link and password can be easily shared
    • Email + Password – this makes it even more secure
  • Clients can order:
    • Prints
    • Fine Art Prints
    • Gallery Canvas Wrapped Prints
    • Cards / Prints with Envelopes
    • Clothing
    • Other products like Key Tag, coffee mugs, etc
    • Rights Managed Stock Photography Sales with pricing supported by fotoQuote
    • Downloads
      • Can control the size from small to original size
The key thing I like the most is I upload the images once at the highest resolution and then I add pricing profiles and then I don’t do a thing except watch the sales and transactions through email updates. 

Touch It Once – Productivity Principle

This is one of the most fundamental principles of productivity and time management. It’s called the “touch it once” principle.

Nikon D750, Sigma 24-105mm f/4 DG OS HSM Art Lens, ISO 12800, ƒ/4, 1/60 [by David White]

When I told the staff at PhotoShelter I was coming to town they wanted me to drop by and speak to their staff. I have been apart of many of the meetings where Chick-fil-A brought in their operators and customers and asked them to help them learn how they can do a better job.

Companies that are actively listening to the customer will do a better job of getting and keeping clients.

When is the last time you sat down with your client and asked questions on how you can do a better job?

You may have never done this, but the time is now that you need to act. Take a customer to lunch and just ask them what they like that you do and if they have things that would recommend you doing to improve in some way.

Nikon D750, Sigma 24-105mm f/4 DG OS HSM Art Lens, ISO 12800, ƒ/4, 1/100 [by David White]

I started my talk with PhotoShelter folks with what do you want to know from me? I did show them my workflow. Here is a blog post that walks through I what I shared with them.

I shared some of the work I do. You can find that on my main website here www.StanleyLeary.com.

Kristin who works with their Libris product interviewed me on various topics on video and will be using this on their blog and other places to promote their product. I received this email from her after our time together.

Hi Stanley, 

Thank you so much for coming in to talk to the team today. Our staff members loved your talk, and your interview will help us share Libris and PhotoShelter with others. Thank you. 

All the best to you and David – hope you have a nice afternoon in NYC! 



The marketing director also sent me a note.

Hi Stanley,

Great session with the team today. You definitely had their full attention!

Kevin G. Davis 

While I love the product I was asked things that I would like to see improved. I shared some of my wishes and some of them they have already started to work on.

One that I am quite proud of mentioning is asking for a dashboard for Libris that helps one dissect how users are using the system. Many companies would like to be able to know their ROI [Return On Investment] and having this would really help them see the value of the product.

Every photographer needs to be recommending to their clients Libris that have a need. Any one who hires photographers on a regular basis will benefit from having their images online and accessible world-wide.

Having photos accessible for an organization rather than on someone’s computer, DVD in their office drawer or who knows where can turn those one time huge budget shoots into multiple usage and stretch those dollars and more than likely have more images used more often with communications for their organization.

The photographer who introduces them to Libris will most likely we their “GO TO GUY” for photography because they are the ones who know how to help them get a better ROI.

Click on this for personal system
Click on this for corporate system

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