Gibbs Frazeur & Bill Bangham – Creative Photographic Elements

During the pandemic I discovered Zoom which is for Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Webinars …..

I have had a group of Atlanta Professional Communicators group I started a few years ago. We call it FOCUS [Fellowship Of Communicators Uniting Socially].

While most of my friends are photographers we have a few writers in the group as well. We invite just about anyone to join.

This week photojournalists Gibbs Frazeur and Bill Bangham shared a collaborative effort they have worked on for several years focusing on the foundational, creative elements of their craft.

I just want to share the part they shared with us today from the Zoom Call. I recommend you listen with a pad of paper nearby to write your own notes.

Creative Photographic Elements

  1. Light
  2. Moments
  3. Layering
  4. Dominant
  5. Overall
  6. Detail
  7. Loose
  8. Get Close
  9. High Angle
  10. Low Angle
  11. Vertical
  12. Horizontal
  13. Artsy
  14. Take Risks
  15. Experiment

At the end of our longer discussion after this Gibbs pointed out that all this falls under storytelling. Before you execute any of these tips, you need to know the story.

“Always consider what you want your image to say before you decide how to say it.”

Jamie Windsor