What should I do?

Okay people I need advice: Camera A or Camera B?

This type of question is asked over and over and over in every photography group I have been a part of in my entire life.

For all who continue to ask for advice, here is my response:

More Information

You need to give us more information or the advice you get will show you that those offering their advice know as little as you about it.

They make different cameras for many reasons.

1) Price drives so many people’s purchases that they make cameras stripped down to cater to those who price is the most important issue. If you have a budget range you need to stay in that is always helpful to know. There is the Best and then there is the Best you can afford.

2) What type of photography are you doing?
* Landscapes
* Headshots
* Events
* Sports
* Astronomy

3) How will the photos be used? This impacts the size of the sensor.
* Huge Prints
* Web

4) Available light or strobes? This also affects the type of sensor you need in the camera.

5) Do you need video capabilities?

These are just some of the many, many more things one considers when buying gear.

For example if you are doing headshots, the odds are high you will be using strobes. You don’t need a camera with high ISO and can get by with a much cheaper camera.

If you are shooting sports you need a camera with large buffer and frame shooting rate.

Anytime you ask for advice it is always best to tell us what you are primarily purchasing the equipment to shoot. The tell us where the photos are used. If you do this then the advice will be better for you.

Okay people I need advice: Lens A, Lens B or Lens C?

See advice above!