Looking Back 17 Years Ago

I came across a folder of images from when I was on staff at Georgia Tech. Just take a look at some of these memories. Can you find images on your computer from years ago?

In the past 20 years the technology has really improved. Here is a scan I did 18 years ago:

Original [Gregory Abowd at the AWARE Home]

Then today using the latest Adobe PhotoShop software I was able to get this with just minor editing:

Gregory Abowd at the AWARE Home

The Camera Raw Filter has some cool features.

The best feature for scans is the Dehaze slider.

When you slide it to the right you get less haze, which comes from a backlight used to scan the film transparency.

The other feature is all the tools at the top of the Camera Raw. I use the Detail tool [two triangles] where I adjust for noise and sharpening.

By the way the Develop Module of Lightroom is the same as the Camera RAW filter of PhotoShop.

Hope this tip helps you if you have old transparency photos that you scanned and look washed out.

Here some photos I fixed just today

In 1996 I photographed Dr. Sam Shelton the guy who designed the Olympic Torch.

Then in 2002 Dr. Sam Shelton designed the Winter Olympic Torch. These are some of the photos from then that were used to promote Georgia Tech’s involvement in the Olympics.

The Salt Lake City Olympic Games Torch 2002

While the cameras are better today, with enough light the past cameras did a great job as well.

The Olympic Torch for the Salt Laek Olympic Games in 2002.
Sam Shelton with the Olympic Cauldron SUV.
Olympic Cauldron

I have been going through old photos from 17 years ago during my last staff job before going full-time freelance in 2002.


I was working at Georgia Tech as their only staff photographer, which I did since 1993. I did lots of photos of Buzz the mascot during those years.

Tech Square was just being built.

Christyn Magill

I was always in the research labs capturing the latest technology.

Mark Hay pulls a fishing net through the coast of Savannah to catch crabs for research. He is being assisted by Erica A. Kinard.

Sometimes those researchers were working the coast of Georgia.

GT #35 Joe Burns takes on Citadel #4 Rob Nichols and knocks off his helmet.

Georgia Tech beat The Citadel back then. This year they lost to them.

GT #98 Merrix Watson tackles UNC # 33 Maurice Murphy.
Student Maria J. Kommeth sets lens for the laser as professor Jeannette Yen looks on. This is research about microorganisms in the Biology Department.
Michelle E. Grant

I was often capturing lasers and the researchers working on projects.

Atlanta Beat Soccer

Be sure you store your images on hard drives. I recommend using SSD and have your images in 3 places.