Shocking Blog Stats

So I was working on my resume which some clients were wanting when I was asked by a friend about my blog. I had not really put this into my resume.

He pointed out that I had a pretty wide reach. So I started to dig into the Google Analytics. My Analytics includes my website & blog. Most of the traffic is going to the blog since that is new content.

The map above just shows the past couple of years of the countries that have visited my blog. I think the reach is greater if I go back to when I started in 2006, but I changed from blogger to wordpress and lost some of those stats.

192 countries I had visiting the blog over the last two years.

I had over 81,000 new users. WOW! I was shocked. On average when they visited they went to about 4 different pages.

They were translating my page into 151 different languages.

Click on this chart to see it larger

My top ten posts tend to be where people are looking for camera settings or technical blogs. Users were spending about 5:44 on “Nikon D5 Sports Settings”. I can understand why. That camera has a menu that resembles the cockpit of a jetliner.

Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful.

John Wooden

How do you toot your own horn without coming off as cocky? You want to showcase your best accomplishments on your resume so that they are right there in black and white. If you do this right then they will pop out and really help to separate you from the pack. This isn’t bragging but rather helping to show that you truly are the right candidate for the job.

What I discovered in polishing my resume was to find someone who really knows you to review it. It helps if they are good in communications.

What I am discovering is that I have been hurting myself because I was taking for granted some of my biggest accomplishments.

Another huge thing I learned is I was thinking too much about the details and not enough about broad brush strokes of what my skills were beyond just photography.

After a lot of self examination this week I recommend you do the same. Revising your resume is a good exercise to help you know what value to bring to the table. It is a good thing to do to start off the year. It helps you celebrate your accomplishments and evaluate your weaknesses that you might want to work on this year.