First few hours with Fujifilm 10-24mm ƒ/4 on Fuji X-E3

Testing new X-E3 and 10-24mm ƒ/4 ISO 3200, ƒ/5, 1/60

I bought the Fujifilm 10-24mm ƒ/4 lens. It translates to a 15-36mm (35mm Equivalent) lens.

Now I have advised many photographers looking for smaller systems the Fuji mirrorless camera. Many of my friends have already had this lens in their bags for a while, but I finally picked this up and before using it on a paying job I am just shooting test shots.

My test shots are not portfolio shots.

Testing new X-E3 and 10-24mm ISO 12800, ƒ/4, 1/25

I am just shooting things to get the feel for the depth-of-field and how it focuses, which by the way is super fast and quiet on the Fuji X-E3.

This is one of my favorite zoom ranges I like to use a great deal. I have the Nikon 14-24mm ƒ/2.8 that I use on my Nikon D5. Which is like a center block compared to the Fuji X-E3 and the 10-24mm.

Testing new X-E3 and 10-24mm

I love just taking photos all the time. It is not just my profession, but also my hobby. However I am not a fan of the weight of the Nikon D5 cameras and lenses. I do trust them a whole lot more than the Fuji, but this has more to do with having 35+ years of experience with my Nikons.

Testing new X-E3 and 10-24mm ISO 12800, ƒ/5, 1/75

When someone pays me to shoot an assignment for them they are paying me to know what my gear will do as well as for my creative instincts. Whenever you buy new gear always take it for a good number of test drives so you are aware of any quirks before you find out on the paying job.

Stay tuned for more photos from my new Fuji X-E3 and my new 10-24mm ƒ/4 lens. I am off to Hawaii in a few weeks and can’t wait to see how they do around the Big Island.