What birds can teach us

American Gold Finch [Fujifilm X-E3, 55-200mm, ISO 8000, ƒ/10, 1/280 – Flashpoint Zoom Li-on R2 TTL & Flashpoint R2 TTL transmitter]

Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? – Matthew 6:26

The past few weeks have been bitterly cold for our community in Roswell, Georgia. While we didn’t have a lot of snow it stayed on the ground longer than normal due to the freezing weather.

While we have birds all the time at our bird feeders during this cold snap they have been eating a lot more. I think this is due to the ground being so cold to kill many insects and keeping many in the ground.

Yellow Finch [Fujifilm X-E3, 55-200mm, ISO 4000, ƒ/4.2, 1/2200 – Flashpoint Zoom Li-on R2 TTL & Flashpoint R2 TTL transmitter]
We stayed inside more than normal due to the icy streets for many days.

Since I just can’t sit still I decided to make photos of the birds at our bird feeder with a new Fujifilm X-E3 camera I bought as well as a new flash system made by Flashpoint for the Fuji cameras.

Blue Bird on my Birdfeeder in Roswell, GA [Fujifilm X-E3, 55-200mm, ISO 6400, ƒ/8, 1/2500 – Flashpoint Zoom Li-on R2 TTL & Flashpoint R2 TTL]
This morning I was pondering how they survive and was reminded on the scripture that says God takes care of the birds. What I was fascinated by in the scripture was that birds do not “sow nor reap nor gather into barns” as humans do, yet God takes care of them.

Tufted titmouse on our Bird feeder [Fujifilm X-E3, 55-200mm, ISO 6400, ƒ/7.1, 1/3200 – Flashpoint Zoom Li-on R2 TTL & Flashpoint R2 TTL transmitter]
No matter how well I know the scriptures that talk about how God will take care of us–I worry.

It’s true we all worry to some extent but do it too much and it can color your whole life, leaving you strung out, unhappy and constantly anxious. It’s not unusual either. Around 1 in 20 of us experiences excessive worrying – called Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) – at some time in our lives.

If you are really struggling then get some help through I licensed counselor like a social worker, psychologist or psychiatrist.

One thing I noticed from being locked up inside due to the cold is getting cabin fever. It can be depressing as well.

Keep physically active. Develop a routine so that you’re physically active most days of the week. Exercise is a powerful stress reducer. It may improve your mood and help you stay healthy. Start out slowly and gradually increase the amount and intensity of your activities.

Make sleep a priority. Do what you can to make sure you’re getting enough sleep to feel rested. If you aren’t sleeping well, see your doctor.

Eat healthy. Healthy eating — such as focusing on vegetables, fruits, whole grains and fish — may help in reducing anxiety.

As a freelancer looking for work to pay your bills focus on those type of jobs that people need now. Portraits/headshots are usually needed quickly as compared to someone booking a wedding photographer.

People don’t book headshots 6 months to a year out, but that is how they book photographers for their weddings.

Bird feeder in our backyard during snow day. [Fujifilm X-E3, 55-200mm, ISO 1600, ƒ/8, 1/1000 – Flashpoint Zoom Li-on R2 TTL & Flashpoint R2 TTL transmitter]
Get together with other photographers and just talk. They will not solve your problems by telling you their client’s names, but you will pick up tricks and how they talk to their clients.

Maybe you can just practice a cold call with another photographer. Maybe you can practice doing an estimate with them.

Female Cardinal [Fujifilm X-E3, 55-200mm, ISO 8000, ƒ/10, 1/280 – Flashpoint Zoom Li-on R2 TTL & Flashpoint R2 TTL transmitter]
Don’t let life ruffle your feathers.

Focus on one thing at a time. For me–and most people–multi-tasking typically leads to chaos. I try to choose one task, see it through, and head on to the next task that needs to be done.

Learn to be flexible. Things will come up or someone will ask you to help with something, so learn to go with the flow a little bit. Just take a moment to think about what is happening and regroup. Change your plans accordingly.

Learn to prioritize. Let’s just face it there are things that if you don’t get to them will not really impact your goals. However, there are some action items if you put off can wreak havoc.

You can use your energy to focus on all that could go wrong or and even better just focus that energy on doing something. The energy amount is about the same, but one moves you forward and ones leaves you standing still.

Remember birds go where the food is and this is called migration. This is where we get word migrant workers. They go where the work is for them. They go where they can help their families survive.

Today is a day for action. The question for you is what actions will you take? While the birds don’t “sow nor reap nor gather into barns” they are out looking for food. How about you?