What time is it on your camera?


Sunday, March 8th, Daylight Savings time happened. We lost an hour. Did you move all your clocks forward?

Time setting is essential if you have only one camera, but it is critical to have more than one camera for a photo shoot.


Go through your menu and set the camera for the correct timezone. The timezone setting is excellent to use if you travel to be sure you are placed on the local time using the correct time zone.

I like using Nikon’s Camera Control Pro 2 for $179.95 to set the camera time to the computer, which syncs to the internet time.

I synchronized the camera date and time to the PC, as you see here, as I did with my Nikon D4.

I plugged the camera into the computer using the USB port and calibrated the Nikon D750. Now all three cameras are synchronized.

Correct time helps when editing so that I can get all the photos shot at the same time together. This makes it so easy in Adobe Lightroom to organize the pictures by Capture Time.

Now, changing white balance situations can be crucial when trying to group all the duplicate photos in the same light.