Thanksgiving is really special this year for a few reasons

Jachai Wilmont, Chamber orchestra freshman violist is surprised at The Varsity with a brand new viola from the Mark Wood Foundation. Our family was blessed to be able to deliver this to Jachai today, the day before Thanksgiving. 

“This is the best day of my life,” was Jachai Wilmont’s response to receiving a new viola. What prompted the gift was this fall Jachai’s viola was stolen out of his relatives car.

Jachai started playing the viola in fourth grade and hasn’t had any formal lessons. His dedication is something that his classmates know all too well.

You can find Jachai, Chelle and Ari enjoying each other as best friends who all play the viola.

For Jachai music has changed his world. Jachai was invited after a workshop he did with Mark Wood to perform in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Mark Wood asked Jachai to join him on stage for the MuzArt World Foundation’s concert event called “We Are Hope” which was in early November in Salt
Lake City. The all expenses paid trip included a performance on stage of 10 of Mark’s students with The Mark Wood Experience.

Mark Wood visited Elkins Pointe Middle School and heard Jachai play and invited him to that camp this summer.

I think it is better to see Jachai’s expressions and hear in his own words what this means to him.

By the way, my daughter Chelle helped to film part of this project.

Dorie Griggs, Jachai and JaVair Wilmont and Chelle Leary at the Varsity with Jachai’s new viola from Mark Wood Foundation.

The other thanksgiving is for my daughter’s favorite band Late Nite Reading. I posted on my Facebook yesterday how they were robbed at a mall parking lot in Orlando.  Well friends all chipped in and they look like they found out they have a lot a friends.