Making the most of your Fuji X system


If you are reading this because you saw this might apply to the Fuji X system, then you need to invest in Bill Fortney’s A User’s Guide to the Fuji X-System ebook. If you are thinking about the Fuji system, this is the best $9.95 you will spend. It will help you navigate all their cameras and lenses. The best part is Bill speaks as a pro, and his words of wisdom may help you from purchasing something that you might regret, and then he gives you tips on things you might need.

Most people who write this kind of book have drunk the Kool-Aid of the company and oversold the brand. Bill Fortney loved Nikon, and I never felt like he was overselling Nikon.

If you have ever been to photo shows, you may have met Bill. I often remember standing at a trade show across the table, talking to Bill about the latest cameras and lenses.

The book A User’s Guide to the Fuji X-System is the same voice I have listened to for many years.

“Nope, not yet!” is one of the quotes about the system. Honest that the camera doesn’t do all that his Nikon System does.

Fortney even says, “What kinds of photography is the X-System not my first choice for Heavy duty sports shooting Birds in flight – extreme wildlife action. I didn’t say you can’t do this; I think there are better systems for it!”

He is honest, and his advice will save you lots of time and money in figuring out how to get the most out of the Fuji System.

He goes on and tells you all the great reasons Fuji is worth the investment and how it saves his back for one.

With Bill’s permission, here is one of the pages to give you a sneak peek into the ebook.


There are a lot of examples of everything he talks about in his illustrations.

Bill’s Nikon Gear

By the way, Bill still owns his Nikons. He just wrote a blog to ensure you understand how the Fuji system is a tool and not the only one he uses. Here is that blog link []