Two worlds collide at The 7 Venue

Late Nite Reading playing at The 7 Venue in Douglasville, GA. photo by Stanley Leary

Two worlds collide a few times a week in Douglasville, GA. A little over 8 years ago Tony Hart had a moment with God that had him open up The 7 Venue. The 7 Venue gives people a cool, safe place to hang out, have fun and see a dang good show. They have amazing sound and lights. The 7 has two concert rooms the underground and the ballroom, acoustic stage, plus a mini ramp to skate.

They are an all ages music venue. It has a lot of shows most of them are hardcore and metal shows.


When Tony first opened up they only had “Christian Bands.” He wasn’t reaching the group he had hope to reach.

photo by Stanley Leary

As Tony says, they were preaching to the choir. He then opened the venue to all bands with just request, no foul language from the bands. For the most part they do their best to honor Tony’s request.

Gary Leftwitch, a volunteer at The 7 Venue, cooks up grilled cheese sandwiches for anyone there. They are free. photo by Stanley Leary


For many who attend the concerts they would never go to a church or feel comfortable going to one, but here at The 7 Venue they feel totally comfortable. They are enjoying their music and most of all they are enjoying the hospitality of the volunteers.

Jocelyn performs at The 7 Venue.  photo by Stanley Leary

My daughter has been following the band from Indiana Late Nite Reading for a few years. For her birthday we gave her tickets to go to the concert. I took her and her friend to see the band and this is why I was at this special place.

Drew Cottrell, the drummer for Late Nite Reading hangs with my daughter and her friend before the concert. Photo by Stanley Leary.