YWAM School of Photography: 1:3 Ratio Lighting

This is the students second shooting assignment this week.

Assignment Description:
1:3 lighting ratio.  This photo is classic lighting.


This light is your main light. Get a light reading with just this first. The light should be 45 degrees off the axis of the camera and 45 degrees above the subjects eyes.

Your subject should have the main light lighting only part of the face and the shadows should be just a little to show the 1:3 ratio.

White backdrop
Keep the subject a few feet from the background and do not use more lights to light it.

Choose the lowest ISO.  Use a portrait lens 50mm if you don’t have full frame camera can work.  No more than 100mm.

This is your fill light and get just a reading of this 2nd.  Be sure it is 1/2 the power (1 f/stop less) than the main light. After this is done get a 3rd light reading of both lights which will be the setting for the camera. It can be level with the eyes, but you may have to move up with glasses to avoid glare.

Here are the results:

by: Lisa Mironuck
by: Sasha Stark
by Annett Rek
by Ellis Peeters
by Malcolm Adair
by Sharon Reitsma
by Lauren R. Tercero
by Joshua Soon Yong Choi
by Janie Wakefield
by Francisco Leon V.
by Deborah Mataia
by Tom Yu
by Elsa Mesot
by Hastings Franks
by Katie Suderman
by Sarah L. Quinones