The Smart Approach: 5 Compelling Reasons to Capture Your Family Portraits During Summer

The holiday season is often synonymous with family portraits for holiday cards, but why follow the crowd when there’s a better way? Picture this: summer vibes, beautiful tans, relaxed schedules, and much less stress. Capturing your family portraits during summer can be a smart move, and here are five reasons why:

1. Things Are a Lot Less Hectic

When fall arrives, chaos tends to follow. School commitments, sports activities, and the impending holiday rush can overwhelm parents. However, the summer season offers a blissful respite from the frenzy. You can enjoy a more relaxed pace with longer days, sunny weather, and fewer significant holidays (barring July 4th and Father’s Day). It’s the perfect time to capture those precious family moments without feeling rushed or pressured.

School of Photography group photo in Kona, Hawaii.

2. Schedules Are a Lot More Open

While summer may see some families traveling, the weeks they’re not on the road often translate into more open weekends. Interestingly, many families put off scheduling holiday portraits until the last minute, leading to a rush in November and December. By opting for a summer session, you’ll avoid the holiday crowds and have a more comprehensive selection of available dates. You can secure a prime weekend slot and beat the rush.

3. Everyone Is Tanned

There’s something undeniably appealing about a healthy summer glow. Fake tanning may be popular, but why bother when you and your family can naturally achieve that radiant tan just by spending time outdoors? Summer offers the perfect opportunity to soak up the sun’s rays, giving your portraits a warm and sun-kissed vibe. After a vacation or a few beach days, you’ll be photo-ready with a natural and stunning tan.


4. Everyone Is Well-Rested

During the school year, the early morning hustle to get kids ready for school can leave everyone feeling a bit sleep-deprived. However, summer often means a more leisurely start to the day. With camps starting a bit later in the morning, parents and kids can catch up on much-needed rest. A well-rested family translates into happy and refreshed faces for your family portraits.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

5. Enjoy Stress-Free Fall

One of the best feelings in the world is heading into fall without a mile-long to-do list. The autumn months can get incredibly busy, with multiple holidays packed closely together. By taking care of your family portraits in the summer, you’ll tick off an essential task well in advance. This gives you more time to focus on other family obligations and enjoy the holiday season fully.

Bonus Reason: Less Sickness Going Around!

As the cold and flu season extends its stay year after year, it can be frustrating to reschedule photo sessions due to unexpected illnesses. Thankfully, summer brings a reprieve from the peak sickness periods. While rescheduling is never a hassle, choosing a summer session reduces the chances of last-minute changes and ensures smooth planning.

In conclusion, capturing family portraits during the summer can be a game-changer. With a more relaxed atmosphere, open schedules, and sun-kissed glow, your photos will radiate the season’s joy. Say goodbye to holiday stress and embrace a new, innovative approach to family portraits. If you’re considering a summer session, don’t wait until the last moment; reach out to us at stanley@stanleyleary to reserve the best date for your family. Let’s create timeless memories together, celebrating the love and happiness that summer brings!