Real Estate Flambient

The photo above is a mixture of Ambient Lighting and Flash Lighting––Many call this Flambient

The “flambient” method combines both flash and ambient light in shots. It is one of the fastest-growing techniques for shooting real estate images. … On the other hand, shooting using pure flash can result in an image that looks fake, with shadows pointing towards the windows instead of away.

Here is just the Ambient of the photo above.


While it takes time to do this compared to just shooting one shot, it is even better than HDR without flash. You tend to get more accurate colors.


Now here is the before with just ambient.


Here is one more example from a room I did for a client.

178 Brighton Blvd Woodstock, GA

Now notice the color of the fabric and the windows, as well as the kitchen, which is far from the window light is dark in the ambient photo.


I love the Flambient approach to real estate.