Bracketing With DJI Air 2S

When taking photos with the drone I noticed sometimes there just wasn’t enough dynamic range in the RAW files. The really cool thing is you can take 3 to 5 bracketed photos with the DJI Fly More APP.

Using Adobe Lightroom or PhotoShop you can let the software do an auto merge or in PhotoShop you can put them in layers and do a custom blend.

I have found that by shooting RAW with AEB set to 5 I have five different exposures to pick from rather than always just merging multiples ones into a photo.

Often I am just picking the best exposure and tweaking that photo.

[DJI Air 2S, Mode = Manual, ISO 100, 1/90, ƒ/2.8, (35mm = 22)]

Anytime you have something moving in the frame you will need to do a custom merge or just pick the best exposure. So for the photo of these Brown Pelicans flying in the photo, I just picked the best exposure and editing it in Lightroom.

[DJI Air 2S, 22.4 mm f/2.8, Mode = Manual, ISO 100, 1/80, ƒ/2.8, (35mm = 22)]

During a sunset is a great reason to use the Auto Exposure Bracket [AEB] to be able to hold together such a wide dynamic range.

Anytime you are shooting and you can shoot a variety of exposures you give yourself a lot more options in the editing.

Not For Decisive Moment

When shooting people or moving objects trying to shoot a bracket and get the best peak moment isn’t realistic. Just shoot RAW in these type of situations. However, it is a good idea to shoot a bracket of exposures to then pick the best exposure that you will use when in a situations for shooting people.