No more fumbling through the camera bag for a lens


Working with photo assistants has taught me that you need to communicate clearly with them. Every photographer has a different system for doing things.

If you work with the same assistant all the time you are at an advantage to those of us who need to hire different assistants from time to time. I am not so busy that I have a full-time photo assistant.

One of the things I just did was to label my lenses in my camera bags. I had been researching different labeling systems for camera lenses and tried out LenzBuddy. They make a variety of front lens caps, rear lens caps and camera body caps.

I decided to put all the lenses into my ThinkTank Airport Security Roller Bag with the lens rear caps facing up.

I then ordered all the “Focal Length Only Custom Lens Cap – Rear” which cost $9.95 each. The official Nikon rear lens caps cost $14.82 on Amazon.

You can put your Logo or other custom design on and of their caps.

Just this week when I had my daughter as the photo assistant this helped a great deal. “Can you get me the 35mm?” was no longer a slow process for her to pull each lens out of the bag to find the one lens I needed.

Maybe you have been digging through your own bag of lenses labeled with a Sharpie on masking tape (or not at all) and realize how much this could help. I just think that whenever you can present yourself in front of the client as one who thinks of all the small details they will trust you even more with their details.