Drew Gibson Country-Blues Song-Writer

Drew Gibson plays at The Crimson Moon in Dahlonega, GA with Dave Hadley playing the steel guitar. [Fuji X-E2, 18-55mm, ISO 6400, ƒ/4, 1/45]
Last night we drove up to Dahlonega, GA to see one of my wife’s friends from her college days in Richmond, VA play at The Crimson Moon.

Drew Gibson plays a country-blues style of music. He writes all of his music.

[Fuji X-E2, 55-200mm, ISO 5000, ƒ/3.8, 1/100]
His latest album is 1532, which is about his late father and his family. I believe when artists start to deal with those raw emotions that they experience in things like losing of a loved one they are able to unleash their emotions.

[Fuji X-E2, 18-55mm, ISO 6400, ƒ/4, 1/70]
Musicians often create a vibe with their music that draws others in since this often resonates with their audiences emotions as well.

While listening I felt like the photos I was taking from my seat just didn’t capture all the emotions I wanted to capture. I went outside and saw this in front of The Crimson Moon and could see Drew and Dave playing through the window.

[Fuji X-E2, 18-55mm, ISO 6400, ƒ/4, 1/90]
Shooting through the window created this barrier between me and the musicians. The reflections in the window were from outside the coffee shop.

Often this is how I think we listen to music. We hear the music of the artist and at the same time we are reflecting on our own lives. The experience of the event creates this hybrid of our worlds colliding.

[Fuji X-E2, 18-55mm, ISO 6400, ƒ/4, 1/25]
When I came back into the restaurant I wanted to capture the guests all relaxed and listening. I wanted to pickup on the mood of the place itself.

I took a few photos from different parts of the room to give more context to the small venue in Dahlonega.

[Fuji X-E2, 18-55mm, ISO 6400, ƒ/4, 1/80]
Too often people get a tunnel vision and just continue to shoot from the same spot with the same lens. It maybe a great composition and the best angle, but it isn’t the only angle.

Move around and find those different perspectives.

[Fuji X-E2, 18-55mm, ISO 400, ƒ/3.6, 1/500]
If you are wanting to experience a similar concert as I did, then go to The Crimson Moon website for list of concerts.

You can find out more about Drew Gibson on his website as well.

This is song about Drew’s Mother Betty Jane from the album.

Here is another song by Drew, “When the Vinyl Scrapes”.