Shot the photo, Now the Poster & The Banner

I posted last week how I shot this promotional shot. Here is that link if you missed it.

After I took the photo, I created an 11″ x 17″ poster that they could put up around the school and in the community. So if you are around Roswell, Georgia, this next couple of weeks, you will see this up in the restaurants, stores, and places the public visits.

To make the poster, I brought it into PhotoShop, added the text, and created a drop shadow with the text.

Now to get all the traffic going by the school to know the play is just around the corner, I made a banner 6′ x 9′.

Here you can see me installing the banner with my wife. This will give you a good perspective on the size of the banner.

Here is that banner next to the HUGE football banner.