Protecting my New Nikon D5 Cameras

Price $39.95

I can tell you a few downsides of buying a new camera. First, when it is unique, some changes will be necessary.

One of the changes I had to go through was not having my EasyCover for the Nikon D5 to protect it for a couple of months. I just got mine last week. I bought two of the two cameras. I even made one different than the other to know which camera I was shooting. Different covers help when I need to know which camera I am shooting with due to a few things. One may be I set up one for video and the other for stills.

Another reason maybe one is set for studio flash and the other available. There are many reasons you may need to know or remember which camera is which.

One of the cameras has camouflage, and the other is black.

The great thing about getting a new camera is all the improvements, and EasyCover also made improvements over the Nikon D4 cover.

At first glance, it may look very similar, but they did listen to users and found that the Nikon D4 cover made it difficult to see your buttons. When Nikon made the Nikon D4, they improved it by creating a backlight inside the controls so you could turn on a light to see which button, but the EasyCover covered them, and you could still push them; you just lost this fantastic enhancement.

Now you can easily see your buttons on the Nikon D5. Unfortunately, they kept covering just a few, as you can see above.

Now, those who shoot with a different camera make many other covers, including lens covers. Check out all their bodies for cameras here.

A camera cover is one of the best investments anyone can make for their camera. I like to describe it as similar to my Otterbox for my Smartphone. It protects the camera.

Now, if I can get Pocketwizard to update the firmware for the Flex TT5 & TT1 for the Nikon D5, I will be thrilled.