Nikon Z9 or Lens Problem?

Yesterday while on assignment, my camera started giving me this screen above. That is the same screen you get when you don’t have a lens attached. At the bottom of the screen is the Aperture information. The F– isn’t what you should see with a lens attached. I usually see 2.8 or some other ƒ/number.

These contacts are what was causing the problem.

When the contacts get dirty, it can interfere with the focus system and create an error message. Cleaning the contacts can fix this problem, a simple process.

Dip the swab in the isopropyl alcohol or cleaning solution. You should use only a fair amount; the best way to ensure this is to wear light vinyl gloves, like those used by healthcare providers, and squeeze the swab with your fingers after dipping it in the solution. Next, gently clean the contacts on the lens with the swab. After you have done so, use the blower on the lens contacts again.

After doing this with my lens, I still had the error. So, I next tightened all the screws for the lens mount on the lens and camera. But, again, this didn’t solve the problem.

My next action was to call Berrie Smith, who repairs any camera or lens. (770) 312-0719.

Berrie Smith, the Mobile Camera Repairman

Berrie and I talked for a bit through all the things to check. One thing Berrie can do is help you over the phone. I paid Berrie for his time using ZellePay.

By the way, the repair technique he told me worked great, and I then checked all my other lenses. They all needed the same repair.

Next time you are in a pinch, call Berrie. He can help you over the phone or can even come to you to help you with your repair.