Before & After Commercial Real Estate

The above photo is the final product I delivered to the client.

Now this is an available light photo of what it looks like without the editing.

This is another shot from the shoot. I am mixing flash with ambient light. Many call this Flambient Lighting technique. Take a look at this before ambient light shot below.

Take a look at the colors in the carpet and furniture. The biggest gain in using flash is getting more accurate colors. When you are shooting these photos for a designer, they want accurate colors. You can be in the ball park for most residential real estate projects, but commercial it has to be accurate.

I am working hard to make the photos not look like flash. You see it is impossible to put your flashes in the exact same location as all the natural lighting to get similar shadows.

Many photographers will just shoot all available light and then use multiple exposures and combine those for a HDR photo.

Comparing HDR Ambient vs Flambient

Here this is a 5 – Stop HDR photo of the location using just ambient.

This is the Flambient version. I think the colors pop and are more accurate. Also the lightning on the cabinets in the back are better than the available light.

It takes about 10 – 20 minutes to shoot each photo and about the same amount of time to edit each photo. This is one of the reasons why commercial real estate photography costs a more. The other reason for increased cost it is being used more widely for marketing and advertising.