Are You Playing Chess or Checkers?

Many creatives are more interested in their own creative process than if what they produced actually engages the audience and produces an increase in sales.


I cannot emphasize enough how no matter what you are doing for a business, the question has always got to be “Why are you doing such and such?”

No matter what I am producing for a business customer, I must know how this is going to help them increase their sales.

For more than 12 years I have been helping Chick-fil-A. What I have been doing for those twelve years? Founder of Chick-fil-A S. Truett Cathy said to all his employees, “If you are not selling chicken then you better be helping someone that is.”

How do you know if you are helping a business increase their sales? Ask the customer.

So, this week I went back and interviewed Mark Wegman, the co-owner of Adele’s on Canton in Roswell, GA. I wanted to know how well the video we did a couple weeks ago to sell more food. Listen to Mark here in this video.

Here are some photos Dorie Griggs, my wife, took of me setting up and interviewing Mark.

Now if you missed the original video that I posted here is that video so you can see what we did to help Adele’s on Canton flourish during these difficult days of “Safe Distancing” we live in.

When you look for help to make your business thrive in today’s climate be sure and hire someone who can help you craft your message as well as get it out on social media for you. Call me.