Camera Insurance? I wasn’t Covered!!!

I found out that while I was overseas for three trips this year if my gear was lost, stolen or damaged I wasn’t covered. I thought I had done everything right. I even wrote about it on this blog on how I screwed up.

August 1, 2012 I wrote this in my blog: [Camera Insurance]

Lesson Learned

A few years ago, I was reading on a photography forum how people were getting great deals through their State Farm Insurance representative. I was with State Farm for my house and cars at the time, so I called them.

I explained that I do not have a studio and do location work all over the country and occasionally overseas travel.  The quote I got was for about 1/3 what I had been paying. I jumped on that and had the policy for more than two years.

Just change that “State Farm Insurance” to “Allstate Insurance”. The difference in how I got burned this time was that ASMP had listed them as a benefit.

Howard Burkholtz was the representative that I talked with about switching from Tom C. Pickard & Co.

I explained that I travel and do not work out of a brick and mortar business. I travel to my clients all over the world.

How it all went wrong

While in Trinidad teaching in the Storytellers Abroad workshop I got up from my chair and my foot caught the power cord which was plugged into HyperDrive – USB Type-C Hub which also my 4TB Western Digital Hard drive was also plugged into. The hard drive went crashing to the floor.

Not everything on the drive was there a second copy of the files. I sent it off to get recovered. I knew that the insurance was suppose to cover this.

Image result for western digital external hard drive 4tb

Well I read in the policy they sent to me to sign that the limit was for $10,000 for data recovery. When I talked to the claims adjuster they informed me it was only for $5,000.

This is when I discovered that I wasn’t covered as told by the Allstate Representative.

When I just leave my house I was covered only by about 1/2 of what I had the policy before. I also found out that I was not covered at replacement cost, which I specifically requested.

The worst thing is I found out that my camera gear was not covered at all overseas. I had made three trips this year to Peru, Trinidad and Chile. Had anything been damaged or stolen I wasn’t covered.

So my coverage with Tom C. Pickard & Co. was around $800 a year. Allstate was originally quoting about $350. When they saw I did video as well that went up to $500.

Howard Burkholtz discovered the problem and was willing to find another policy that would cover me as I requested. He came back with a price of $1,800.

I canceled their policy and called Tom C. Pickard and company ( Allstate refunded me and the new policy is right back to about $800 a year for all my $45,000 gear.

I learned even the insurance recommended by a professional association like ASMP can be bad for you. My recommendation is to talk to other pros doing similar work as you and find out what they are using.