Nikon D750 has arrived!


Yesterday my Nikon D750 arrived. I think I have shot only 20 shots at the most on it. These are my first impressions of holding it and going through the menu.

I first noticed when picking up the camera that all my lenses felt much heavier than on my Nikon D4.

So while the camera itself is tremendously lighter, this shifts the balance. Most of my lenses now feel like long glass, where I feel like the camera is lighter than the lens.

Another change I noticed is the grip is different. I may like it more, but only time will tell if I prefer the deeper feel of the grip.


The D750 is my first Nikon that had Wi-Fi built into the camera. I have been doing this with my Fuji X-E2, but I can tell you that the Nikon App for my Android phone works superior to the Fuji system.

You can control the camera remotely or view photos.


Here is what the app looks like when taking pictures.

When you turn the phone to horizontal, you get a different view.

I will write more about the camera in the coming days, but for now, the built-in Wi-Fi is the first cool feature I love that I do not have on my Nikon D4.

I like the ability to take photos with my camera and immediately share these through social media. I have done this with my Fuji, but I wouldn’t say I like the JPEGs from the Fuji. It makes people look like wax figures.

The Nikon JPEGs are far superior to the in-camera JPEGs from my Fuji.

I look forward to getting to know the camera in the coming days and catching you up on my findings.