Sunny Days Great For College Recruiting Photos

I love the low angle, use of flash off camera, and great expressions

Today is one of those days that you have got to get outside in Atlanta. Clear skies and most of the day in the 80s. During the morning, before it got warmer, I enjoyed capturing these moments at a local college.

Low angle to pick up on the blue sky and the architecture in the background

We didn’t have to go and find students and bring them outside for us to photograph them; no, they were everywhere today. Laptops were out in the sun, which isn’t easy to see in, to enjoy this weather.

Fill flash, and great expression makes the photo for me

I believe that the reason we were getting great shots is the weather brings out the best in folks. When it rains, I don’t see bright smiles but gloomy expressions. They match the weather to me. People bundle up and cover their faces with scarves when snow is on the ground.

Back-lit will help rim light the subject, and then using flash off the camera to the right of the issue enables you to see those wonderful expressive moments between friends.

Clothing can make or break a shot. The dental school students look great in their bright blue outfits with all the green landscaping around them.

Back-lit creates that excellent rim lighting and the flash off to the side helps again fill the shadows so you can see their expressions, enabling you to understand how these are good friends.

I cannot take the type of photos you see here without a photo assistant. I call them “voice-activated light stands.”  They know where to point the lights and help them move along with the subjects, as in these photos of people walking toward me.

Every business uses signage to help in branding them. I like to tie their people to their brand, as I have done here.

Clayton State University found out this year that research shows they primarily compete with Georgia State University for their students. Georgia State University is an inner city school so Clayton State University will play up its beautiful green lush campus. When high school seniors look at those college brochures, they want them to see how they are different.

You don’t just take one photo; you take lots of pictures. Which image would you use, this one or the one above?

With cooler days of the fall starting to creep up on us, get outside on these days and take photos. Better yet, give me a call, and I will make them for you.

Compare these photos that use flash to the one below without the flash.

I put these two photos to show how when you don’t use a flash on a sunny day at about noon; you will make people become like a number rather than a person; because they are most often in shadows. Compare these two photos. Both are strong visually, but they say something different.

Here the person is a silhouette and becomes symbolic to me where the photo above the person is someone.